Electric Adjustable Bed: Is It Right for You?
11月 19

Electric Adjustable Bed: Is It Right for You?

Is-an-Electric-Adjustable-Bed-Right-for-YouELECTRIC ADJUSTABLE BED

The need for sleep diminishes with age, requiring 16-18 hours a day for newborns and less than half that amount for adults. Tracking your wake times may help you determine the amount of sleep that you get. When health issues like these rob your sleep, you may want to know if an electric adjustable bed is right for you.

Coping With Back And Joint Issues

If you have back and joint pain, lying flat on a traditional mattress maybe as difficult as standing upright, and an adjustable bed makes reclining in a recumbent position possible. Waking up with stiff joints is a condition that often accompanies osteoarthritis. Sleeping on an adjustable bed may decrease the compression that leads to sore and stiff joints.

Sleeping with knee support in a reclining position may reduce some types of pain in the lower back, a condition associated with degenerative arthritis. If you suffer from any of these medical issues, your sleep is probably interrupted during the night. An adjustable bed may help you alleviate pain that deprives you of rest.

Getting Adequate Sleep With Lung Issues

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a common cause of sleep problems. Changing the sleep position to sitting upright instead of lying down may make breathing easier. An electric adjustable bed provides support that allows the body to relax, often improving likelihood of getting rest and sleep.

Enjoying Convenience With An Electric Adjustable Bed

Health issues are not the only reason to consider using an adjustable bed. Sitting up in bed to read is a popular way to relax before going to sleep, and watching television from a reclining position is relaxing. You can look forward to getting some rest and enjoying a favorite activity in a comfortable position.

Electric adjustable beds provide support for a variety of sleep positions, elevating the head, feet or knees. The flexibility of a mattress that conforms to the shape of your body may offer more comfort than one that requires you to lie flat.