Top 10 Reasons for getting your own Electric Adjustable Bed
11月 19

Top 10 Reasons for getting your own Electric Adjustable Bed


Electric-Adjustable-Beds-–-Tips-when-BuyingStruggling to get a better sleep? Or are you suffering from a condition that requires you to change different positions from time to time that your regular bed cannot help? You then need to get yourself an electric adjustable bed. An adjustable bed is the perfect piece of furniture for your bedroom. It is specifically designed to shift from angle to angle providing extra support for the whole body while at rest or asleep. There’s a range of benefits you can have with an adjustable bed from medical treatment to a restful slumber. Any way you want it, this could be your ticket to a healthier you. Wake up better rested and revitalized every day. Here’s a list of our Top 10 Reasons for getting your own Adjustable Bed.

  1. Receive your Therapy treatment while relaxing in bed and while asleep
  2. Contour for you to the right position to provide exceptional comfort and relaxation that can help assist with a range of conditions.
  3. Over 1,000 different positions allows you to customise your night’s sleep.
  4. Remote control within your reach for easy change of position
  5. Release tension and relieve stress, adjustable beds have a massage option for a complete relaxation.
  6. Available in different sizes that best fit your needs
  7. Independent electric adjustable bed allows you to cater to your individual sleeping needs even without having two separate beds
  8. Reduce excess oedema (Swelling) whether the cause is vascular or lymphatic. Helps Increase local area blood flow and assist in the management of pressure ulcers
  9. Constructed with high quality heavy steel frame for durability and excellent mattress support. Fitted with an electric motor that works wonders to allow position adjustments.
  10. Do not put stress on your back and neck muscles by just lying flat. Enjoy having your head and feet slightly elevated for a maximum sleep benefit.