What is Niagara Therapy?
3月 06

What is Niagara Therapy?

Niagara Therapy is a combination of patented massage actions built into adjustable beds, adjustable reclining chairs and portable units designed for travel. Targeting the circulatory system and affected areas of the body, Niagara Therapy gently works to improve the body’s natural circulation, in turn relieving pain, reducing stress and unlocking tightened, tingling muscles. Niagara Therapy also promotes restful sleep which is beneficial to a person’s overall health and well-being.

More than sixty years of practical application, engineering and medical research comprise Niagara therapy, helping it to develop into a proven treatment for many, many physical ailments.

Niagara Therapy began (like most beneficial innovations) as an accidental discovery. Coal miners in Canada back in the 1920’s would press their backs against an experimental coal separator, finding it relieved their aching back muscles. Two industrious brothers (the Wettlaufer brothers) took the concept and developed the cycloidal vibration – a 3-dimensional vibration would be the heart of what is known today as Niagara therapy. But the brothers never commercialized their invention and it sat virtually unnoticed in the background of a handful of coal mines for almost thirty years.

In 1948 a former WWII army medic, Owen Murphy, came across the Wettflauer’s Cycloidal Vibrator and because of his medical experience understood the importance of good circulation to the natural healing process of the body and so purchased the Wettflauer Brothers patent, tucking it all under the brand name Niagara.

Since then, massive engineering and medical research has been conducted, hundreds of thousands of Niagara users interviewed and studied and all results calculated into improving and upgrading the massage actions of all the Niagara Therapy products.

Today’s our products include adjustable beds (including units for two partners) reclining chairs, portable units to take on overnight stays or extended holidays, smaller units that target specifically locations (such as ankles or arms) and even a line of portable units for equines.

Niagara’s in-house engineering research has been responsible for developing and redeveloping the 3-dimensional massage action that features prominently in today’s Niagara Therapy products and is the essential element of their successes.

The most important thing to know about our products is that it works. For over sixty years, in more than thirty-five countries and for millions of people, Niagara Therapy has provided real relief from circulatory problems, sleep disorders, muscle aches and the debilitating effects of ageing.