Pioneering the Development of Cycloid Vibration Therapy

The Niagara Story

Niagara’s patented technology began in the coalfields of Canada in the 1920’s.

Miners discovered that by leaning against a vibratory coal separation machine they achieved immediate relief for their aching backs and joints.

Upon hearing this the Wettlaufer Brothers who were inventors undertook formal research to further develop this idea.

Using the mining equipment as a crude starting point the brothers developed what is now known as ‘cycloid vibration technology.’ (CVT) is a unique energy wave created using specialised 3-dimensional vibration motor and suspension systems. As a result of their research and development, the Wettlaufer brothers were granted a US patent in 1931.

The potential of this life-changing technology was never fully realised until Mr. Owen K. Murphy stumbled onto it in 1948 just after WWII. Murphy having served with the Medical Corps during the War envisioned a vast range of products utilising this new technology.

He was so confident of its medical and commercial potential he paid USD$150,000 for the patent and in 1949 Niagara was born. The following decades saw Niagara expand its operations where it began in Australia in 1969 and in New Zealand in 1985. Currently Niagara CVT products are distributed across various territories throughout Australia, NZ & Asia by a number of dedicated distribution partners.