Niagara Fairyland Centre

Working together to help those less fortunate

A strong part of the foundation and culture of Niagara Therapy has been the focus on helping those who are less fortunate. From an initiative of the original US founder of Niagara Therapy, Mr Owen K Murphy during the 1950’s. The idea of creating fun environments where children could receive physical therapy treatments instead of cold, sterile hospitals was born. The Fairyland Centre concept has grown and is still very much alive today within Australasia.

Niagara Therapy, with valuable assistance from organisations such as Lions and Rotary Clubs, build and donate specialised CVT Therapy equipment in the shape of Toys, Chairs and Portable Devices to Special Schools across Australia and New Zealand. The impact that this can have on the children has been highly rewarding and very much appreciated by all those involved.

Latrobe Special School, Kuraby Special School, Wilson Special School, Bundaberg Special School, Sir Keith Park Special School, Currumbin Community Special School & Durham Road Special School are just a few of the growing list of Special Schools benefiting from this program.

If you would like to know more about the Fairyland Centres and how you may be able to become involved head to the contact us page on the website.

A short word from one of the Fairyland Centre Special Schools.

“Sir Keith Park Special School was privileged to be chosen to receive a donation of cycloid vibration equipment from Niagara through their ‘Fairyland Center’ initiative. We received the train, bulldozer, lazy boy chair and a number of pads and hand held units. After 5 years of incorporating Cycloid Vibration Therapy equipment into individual and class programmes, we believe that Niagara Therapy has helped our school to improve the quality of life of many of our students (and some staff!).” – Sir Keith Park Special School NZ