Geelong Cats & Niagara CVT
11月 24
The Geelong Cats Football Club Physiotherapy Department commenced using Niagara’s ‘Cycloid Vibration Therapy technology during the 2015 season. Mark Young, Head Physiotherapist, Geelong Cats

Geelong Cats & Niagara CVT

“The Geelong Cats Football Club Physiotherapy Department commenced using the Niagara Hand Held Cycloid Vibration Therapy (CVT) device during the 2015 AFL season. The club chose to use this device as a result of its search for innovative recovery products, as well as the recommendations of other elite football programs.

The club predominantly uses the CVT as a recovery device, particularly for soft tissue soreness. It immediately received positive feedback from the playing group because of its therapeutic effect and positive outcomes. The club recognizes that the CVT has a wider range of uses, which we hope to explore in the future. We look forward to trialing it on players suffering from cramps in the upcoming season.

The most positive aspects of the CVT are its portability, allowing club physiotherapists and players the ability to use it on the sideline throughout games and in the change room pre/post match. It is simple to use and this allows players to take it home and apply as required.”

Mark Young
Head Physiotherapist, Geelong Cats Football Club